Schrank Camera

The Schrank Camera (based on an upcycled cabinet) allows subjects to be shot through a painting or other translucent material, giving the images their unique painterly or abstract feel.

It allows for an interesting mixing of imagery – the scene in front of the camera with the scene inside it – allowing the combination of painting and photographic techniques.

Schrank Camera

The Schrank Camera

The names comes from the German word for cabinet – a schrank – which was often home to a collection of unusual objects brought back from far-off lands.

The Schrank Camera concept was originally developed from experiments with through-the-viewfinder photography and pinhole cameras. And although they appear photoshopped, no Schrank camera photographs have been composited, filtered or otherwise edited in Photoshop. Minimal tonal adjustments are made, so the final print resembles the shot scene as closely as possible.

The images are created at the moment the shutter is released.

Many of the objects that appear in Schrank Camera photographs come from the beaches North of Auckland and opportunity shops (charity or thrift shops) from around the Rodney district.

Many of the still life scenes feature second-hand items such as bowls and vases, purchased from the Wellsford Hospice Shop. These objects are then donated back to the shop for them to sell again.