Stations and Balance X
Stations and Balance X Stations & Balance X Stations & Balance X Stations & Balance X Stations & Balance X

Stations and Balance X


Life can be chaotic at times. So many things (stations) demand our time and attention.
When we get the balance just right, life becomes a thing of beauty and power.

This is the 10th painting in the Stations and Balance series.

Original painting, 120cm x 60cm, Acrylic on board, ready to hang.


Product Description

Stations and Balance X

The Stations & Balance series is about our struggles and successes finding balance in life. Not a diametric balance between two opposing forces, but a delicate balancing of several things.

It started as a series of small notebook sketches, searching for a simple form to express negative space. The clean edges contain chaos within, much like our attempts at successful living. We do our best to hold it all together in a pleasing and meaningful form, while often within those forms chaos reigns. However, much like life, the combination of those things when roughly balanced is a harmonious thing to be prized and enjoyed.